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Monday, March 02, 2015

A tale of two board games:

Back around '73, our family was visiting a friend of my grandmother's. I was the only kid there and really had nothing to do. Nana's friend asked if I'd like to go into her granddaughter's room and see if she had any toys I wanted to play with. As I was rifling through her stuff, the granddaughter walked into the room and was rather annoyed I was invading her space. She was kind of a bitch, actually. I saw she had 2 Partridge Family board games, and as I was looking at them the grandmother asked if I wanted one. The granddaughter started to protest, and her grandmother got annoyed and said to her, "What are you whining about, you have TWO." To be honest I felt a little uncomfortable taking her stuff, but then I figured that she really wasn't being very friendly, and I knew I'd probably never see her again, so since it was a mutual dislike between the two of us, I accepted. I was actually given the better of the two. Sucked to be her. Yes, life's not fair, but it's great when it's unfair in your favor...