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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Misc. Remembrance:

In the mid '70s, when my grandparents bought the house from Rex in Chatham, my uncle moved in also. My grandparents didn't want my uncle to feel too at home, so they made him share a bedroom with Rex on the first floor. Rex was probably in his mid 70's/early 80's at the time. They got along pretty well, but there was one small issue: Rex kept accusing my uncle of stealing his ties. My uncle didn't take the ties because he didn't wear ties; he worked in the kitchen of Rex's restaurant, and had no need for them. Still Rex kept losing ties, and my uncle kept getting the blame. After Rex passed away, my grandmother decided to give the room a deep cleaning, and as she moved Rex's bed to clean under it, she discovered a whole pile of ties under his bed. Apparantly Rex would throw his ties on the bed, and they kept sliding off the bed between the bed and the wall. To this day I can still hear Rex accusing my uncle of taking his ties.