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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Blogger:

This is just a little note to tell you my opinion of your new interface that you're forcing upon us all. I've seen your new interface, and quite frankly I don't like your new interface. Your old interface was simple, easy to use. Your new interface is awkward, and hard to navigate. There's nothing I like about the new interface, and from what I've heard nobody else likes it either. I don't like the font colors we are forced to choose from: no longer will I have my awesome avocado green colored font. I was not able to find how to save the html of my site's template. Also, to view the new interface, I have to log into Blogger through Google chrome. It doesn't show up on my AOL dial-up. I resent that. I implore you to let us all keep the old interface if we choose. This is America. We're supposed to have freedom of choice. You're taking that away, and for that I will always be resentful. I may no longer love you as much as I did in the old days, when you were nice and easy to work with. You may even lose me one day. Please re-consider this awful new interface that you're making us adopt, or even better just get rid of it. And maybe even demote the web designer that designed it and give him a desk job instead, or maybe give them a job in the mail room. Don't do it just for me, do it for all of us.

Thank you,