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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Boston Globe 8/20/02

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Boston Globe
"Earthweek: A diary of the planet Week ending Aug. 16, 2002"
Numerous residents from Southwestern Nepal to India's Uttar Pradesh state have complained to authorities that a mysterious fireball has been descending from the night sky and attacking them with extreme heat. The sphere of red and blue lights is said to severely burn those that it does not kill. The Katmandu Post quoted residents of the city of Nepalgunj as saying the unidentfied object would target people sleeping on terraces and roofs to escape the summer heat. Doctors have dismissed the stories as mass hysteria, but have been unable to explain the burns. A crowd of 10,000 people gathered in the Indian city of Sitapur to demand that authorities capture the mysterious attackers. "People just block the roads and attack the police for inaction each time there's a death or injury," said Amrit Abhijat, Mirzapur's district magistrate.'

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