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Friday, June 24, 2005

Cape Memories

When i was little, and my parents used to go to the Cape on weekends in the summer (to the Chatham house with the creepy closet room), they would play cards at night, smoke (with the windows closed) drink, and watch tv. On Cape Cod in the early 70's - pre cable - there were only 3 stations, only one of which came in decent.

On that channel, they would have the Lawrence Welk show playing. I remember hanging out with my folks, with Lawrence Welk on the TV and thinking: "Man, i gotta get outta this place." Every adult had their 'favorite' singer. It all was so sad. I remember being on the top of the stairs, balacing myself with my heels hanging over the edge of the top step and slipping, falling all the way down to the bottom. I remember mom running after me as i rolled like a tumbleweed.