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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A 1976 Christmas

It was 1976, the Six Million Dollar Man was at the zenith of his popularity, and this was THE ONE present I HAD to have.... Mom would have come off looking pretty bad had she not pulled through.

The Bionic Man action figure was a HUGE success, and Maskatron was the coolest thing I had ever seen. He had interchangable body parts that would pop off when you pressed certain pressure points on the figure. He also had interchangeable face masks, so he could be 3 different people. I LOVED making his arms and legs pop off, and i also liked ripping his face mask off.

I've been trying to get one on ebay but keep getting outbid. If mom had known that one day, they would sell on the internet for $175 and up, she would have bought 40 of them instead of whining about "how hard it was to find", and "how she had to go to 4 different stores", and "go through gallons of gas just so I could have something to open Christmas morning", etc.