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Monday, February 06, 2006

Rainy days

I liked rainy days as a kid. Back then we didn't have video games. We also didn't have cable (cable didn't exist back then), only channels 2 (PBS), 4(NBC), 5(ABC), 6(CBS), 7(CBS), 10(NBC), 12(ABC), 38(I FORGET) and 56(WLVI - a local Boston channel), and of course no remote also. But I would play inside in my toy room and sometimes mom and I would play board games. Play-Do was great on rainy days. I also liked to read and color in my coloring books.

Rainy days were the only days I was allowed to be in the house. If the sun was out, you were expected to be outside, no exceptions. I can recall one time I sneaked inside on a sunny day to watch TV and my parents saying: "What are you doing in here??? Get outside!"

Nobody spent time indoors if the weather wasn't bad, kids always played outside. You don't see that anymore. It's kind of sad.