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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Misc. Remembrance:

When I was about 4, 'til about 8 years of age (ca. '72 to '76), my folks used to play cards with a couple named Pat and Eddie. We'd go over their house and the adults would play cards while I played with their kids: Lori and Teddy. Pat was a nurse. Eddie had previously undergone colon surgery (or something like that), and whenever he'd reach for a snack and it was something he really shouldn't be eating, Pat would say, rather sternly: "Now Eddie, remember your bowels". Mortified, he'd say (under his breath) "Shut up, Pat". Then his kids would chime in: "Remember your bowels, Eddie! Remember your bowels!"...
I've since lost touch with them all. I really miss those days.