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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lincoln Park

Anyone who grew up near the Dartmouth, MA, area, in the early to mid-70's (when Amusement Parks had reached the height of popularity), will remember Lincoln Park. I haven't been there since around '77, but it was a great place to go. I always looked forward to it. It was always busy there. I loved the monster ride and the coaster. Once i rode the tilt-a-wheel 7 times and got so sick. There's a ton of more pics I could've posted, but if you do an image search for Lincoln Park Dartmouth you'll see alot more. Sadly L.P. is no longer in existance. Its day is long gone.Click pic for larger image.


Jen said...

Hi Joe
How's things?

I havent been by your
blog in sooo long

I like what you've done to the place

joe said...

Hey lady, thanks! I've really missed you (c:

Wings said...

Used to go to Lincoln Park all the time as a kid, with my family. Was such a fun place! Do you remember the big pavillion? The mini golf course? Fun stuff.

Sadly, it was the victim of greedy owners and changing times.

There is a book out there about the park called Lincoln Park Remembered. I have it, was a great read with lots of cool pics.

Cool post, thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

joe said...

Hey thanks for the link. I might just go ahead and get a copy.
I don't remember the mini golf, but I also remember the big yellow 7-lane slide. ONCE i got a mat that took me to the bottom, all the other times I had to scoot myself forward over every hump.

Wings said...

I don't remember the slide. Maybe I was afraid of the height! I know I never went on the wooden big coaster, just kept to the small kiddie one! hahaha

joe said...

And at the bottom of the slide they sold Charm Pops. I have no idea why.
The big coaster was "The Comet". I only know that from the search results today. Saw some recent pics of it. It's falling down. So sad.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Sadly, I can no longer ride the tilt a whirl. Seriously! I even tried to 'power through' it, psyching myself up and getting on to have fun with daughter.

I felt pukey for the rest of the day.


well, good times, good times. ;)

joe said...

I'd lose my lunch if I got on one today..

grannyann said...

It seems a lot of parks have gone away with time and economy. We all have memories of a special park or zoo.

Mnmom said...

I grew up in small town Iowa - no amusement parks for miles around. I'm with Miss Holly on the tilt-o-whirl.

Scott said...

I only got to visit The Land of Oz once but I still think about it today. I think my mother told me that it was a ski resort in the winter and The Land of Oz in the off season. I think only Dorothy's house is still standing.
Here are some pics I found:

joe said...

MnMom: Just the thought makes me queasy..

Ann: Yes, time marches on. During its heyday, I don't think anyone (who used to go there) thought Lincoln Park wouldn't last forever.

Scott: I think I went to L. O. OZ once. Back around 1980. Lincoln Park will always be my fave though.

Pete said...

Hi there
I too frequented the park during the hay days, and the Comet was both terrifying and exciting, The rides the food all great(at least in the recollections).

I post a link to my humble website that pays tribute and shows what has become of it all, as well as what it was at

joe said...

Hey Pete, thanks for the link, but it's wrong. You've got it as www/
Everybody, the link is:

So is the whole park torn down yet? Or is it still like some amusement park ghost town where everything's still there, deteriorating?
The first time I rode the Comet, it freaked me out, but everytime i rode it afterward it seemed smaller and smaller..
Boy I miss that place.

joe said...

... btw, I've just spent the last 30 minutes on your site. It's excellent. I've got it bookmarked.
It's amazing though, when you look at the aerial view, how small the park looks.