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Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow days:

I loved snow days as a kid, although I only ended up spending the whole day inside watching TV, but still, any day off from school was a good day.


Jim @ said...

Snow days were great! Remember the anticipation of whether they would close, open late, or open regular?

AddledWriter said...

Me too! Listening to the list of schools that were closed as they radio announcer went through them...that was great. My little brother and I would build a snowman, sip cocoa, maybe go sledding with dad (he was a teacher so he was often off with us). There is nothing better than a free, sudden day off. It seemed like when I was younger we got about 3 a year and as I got older maybe 1. I'm from central NJ and the '70s and early '80s were the best. Great blog!

- Caren (

Ally said...

I still love snow days as an adult. I buy snacks and my hubby and I hibernate and watch movies or play Rock Band.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

joe said...

Jim: it was too bad we didn't know the night before. It would've been nice to sleep in...

Caren: I checked out your site and the conversation with your dad cracked me up. Haha

Ally: Play rock band?? I'm not sure what that is.... I guess it's what all you young people are into these days..

Marissa said...

How lucky to have snow days. I heard the school year would then be extended by the number of snow days off,true?

The last few years in my city we've had "fire days" (during fire season) and the schools would close due to heavy smoke.

joe said...

When I was going to school in florida, school was cancelled one day because the AC had broken down.


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