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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you remember:

The Jan's Aunt Jenny episode where Jan finds an old pic of a relative (Aunt Jenny, played by Imogene Coca who went on to play Aunt Edna in National Lampoon's Vacation) who looked exactly like Jan when she was Jan's age, and Jenny sends Jan a current picture of herself, and Jan has a meltdown thinking she's going to get ugly when she gets older. She really took it hard. Although, in her defense, to think you're gonna look like Imogene Coca when you get older probably would be upsetting for anyone.


Wings said...

Good thing Coca had a sense of humor, cause that must have been a weird phone call! "Hey, we are looking for someone homely for a role on a sitcom..."

On Smash said...

I've had a crush on Jan ever since she got those glasses.
Marcia...she's Ok I guess.

joe said...

Wings: Haha yeah but I bet she took it well. She seemed like a good sport.

On Smash: Jan was very under-appreciated. She was a groovy chick.

sunnydaze said...

I remember that episode. Then she found out how cool Aunt Jen was and was okay with it after all. :)

joe said...

I still wouldn't want to look like her