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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Patty Hearst:

I remember the whole Patty Hearst case, and how the news would interrupt my Saturday Morning Cartoons... Even though I watched it on Television and was told over and over why they did what they did (apparantly she had just joined some militia called the Simbianese Liberation Army), I still couldn't understand why they robbed that bank, and quite frankly I still don't get it. But whatever..


Tom said...

what cartoons were you watching?

C said...

i dont get it either, never have. supposedly she was "braainwashed" into joining them and that got her aquitted.. i think..

joe said...

Tom: Bugs Bunny, Land Of The Lost, Superheroes, Schoolhouse Rock, etc.

C: And it's not like she needed the cash..

Zed said...

Patty was acquitted because her daddy was rich and her ma was good lookin'.

Or something like that.

joe said...

Her mom was good looking? Never knew about her.