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Friday, June 10, 2011

Random find. I swear:

I came across the above pic when I was googling for some old Sesame Street record pics. I had a Sesame Street record way back then (I played it daily, non-stop), but I'm not really sure which one it was. I'm pretty certain it's not the above. As for the above, I'm not really sure what to make of it except to say I find it quietly disturbing in some vague way I can't put my finger on..


JSusskind said...

I had to stare at it for a minute before I realized it was THAT Bob.

joe said...

Hahah what Bob did you think it was

Chelly said...

I had a Sesame Street record that I played over and over as a kid too: "Sleepytime Bird" (1977). Lots of fun. :)

joe said...

My fave songs were "Everybody Sleeps" and "Rubber Ducky"

John said...

And it gets stranger: Bob was a huge pop star in Japan a few years before he was on Sesame Street.

M W Gallaher said...

Quietly disturbing, indeed. I think it's a combination of the flowers, butterflies and sidelong smiling expressions that suggest "romance" and the awkwardly arranged type that sets "All the boys" in a position of emphasis that makes "and girls" look like an afterthought.
Oh, and there's the "Jimmy Joyce" singers, which reminds me that "McGrath" was a despicable character in "Finnegans Wake" (and the word for my verification below is "giness"!!!).

joe said...

John: Yes, that is strange. Well, if that's their thing..

MW: "and girls" does look like an afterthought now that you mention it.

J.M. said...

how about the 78rpm children's record "Tony the Pony" by Ozzie Harriet. I played that record to bits. Remember these songs from the record.

Buy A Balloon
I have a pony named Toni
Dr. Sniffles Wiper
I like to ride on my bike
Dream little boy and girl