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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Misc. Remembrance:

Throughout the '70s, I had 2 childhood friends named Lori and Teddy. Lori was a year older than me, and Teddy was a year younger than me. It was circa 1973, and we were sitting in the living room watching tv while mom and their mother were in the kitchen having coffee. Teddy said a word that started with the letter F, and Lori calls out "Mom! Teddy said the F-word!" His mom barged into the room and started smacking Teddy around, saying "Tell me what you said!" Teddy starts to cry and said "Firetruck!!!" and his mom, my mom, and Lori started laughing; so not only did he get smacked around for something he didn't say, he got laughed at too. Just wasn't his day, for sure.