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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Caterpillars and Huffy Bikes

In the early 70's, our family moved into a new house (we were always moving. As a kid I think I lived in 5 different places). Me and the kids across the street used to ride our bikes in my driveway. I had a "Huffy" bike. Anyone remember those? They were sort of like the first mountain bikes with the thick "knobby tires". And it had a big sort of plaque with a number 3 on the front between the handlebars, like a race car number (i really don't know why). I also had one of those really tall orange flags (like 6 feet tall) attached to the back of my bike. It kept falling off though. Dad could never get it to stay on. My friends and i used to lay caterpillars on my driveway and run over them on our Huffy bikes. I'll always remember their green innards that used to squirt out of their heads and back ends. Sometimes we would ride over them in really slow motion to elongate the process. My driveway looked like a war zone (for caterpillars, that is).