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Saturday, December 05, 2009


My favorite character on Bewitched was Endora. She was a classy gal, although I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.. Btw, judging by the look on Samantha's face, I'd love to know what she just did...


Wings said...

She was a hoot, but Sam was still the bomb!

joe said...

Serena was awesome too. That show had some of the best characters ever.

givepeace05401 said...

I loved Endora and looked forward to seeing her in each episode and was disapointed when she wasn't on.

I especially liked her charcter in the first three seasons.

I always wanted to know more about the family dymanics of Sam's family.

. Who were Serena's parents?

. How were Endora, Clara and ALL the other aunts related?

. In the very first episode we learn Senera and Sam hadn't seen each other in years, why was that?

. Was the "nontraditional" nature of her parent's relationship one of the reasons Sam was attracted to the very normal Darren?

I always find the relationsho aspect of shows to be the most interesting. Take the show "Charmed", to me that show was always about the relationship between the sisters just as much, if not more than about the magic.

joe said...

When I was about 8, I saw Agnes Moorehead in an older movie on TV, and was disappointed to see she was just a regular, ordinary person.
I really took it hard.. what a letdown.

sunnydaze said...

Endora was my fav also. Did you see the Twilight Zone episode with Agnes Moorehead? Love it!