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1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):

1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):
I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanent sand. So the days flow through my eyes but still the days seem the same. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Misc. Remembrance:

As a kid, I never got an allowance. That's something my folks weren't into. They were very generous with me, I never lacked anything, and usually when I asked for something they'd get it for me, but an allowance just wasn't going to happen. In '76, just before my folks split up, dad decided to give me a "job". It was sometime in January and the weather was pretty brutal, so he told me he'd pay me a quarter if I'd open the garage door for him when he got home so he wouldn't have to get out of the car and open it himself. We lived in a split level house (a raised-ranch), and the garage was in the lower level. The very first night, I was watching TV and I heard him pull in and stop at the garage door. I didn't want to leave my show, and it was pretty cold down there in the garage, and I was rather warm and cozy and comfortable sitting in front of the tv, so I basically ignored him. He honked. He honked again. And again. And again. Finally I heard him open the car door, open the garage himself, pull into the garage and slam the door shut. The way he slammed the door, I could tell he was angry and that I was in trouble. He came upstairs and just looked at me. Let's just say I lost my job that night, which didn't really bother me. A quarter??? I didn't get out of bed for that kind of money...


Robin Eduardo said...

I took a trip down memory lane and read your entire blog! My goodness but did you take me back...Waaaay back, and I LOVED it!

btw, you can't find Clairol's Herbal Essence Shampoo anymore, BUT I did find Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! You can purchase it here:

I know, a little pricey, but what I wouldn't pay for a little nostalgia, LOL! Anyway, GREAT BLOG!

joe said...

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out (:


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