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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Candy wax:

These were way better than the wax lips. I don't remember being able to make these whistle too much, but I do remember the taste, and how chewing on candy wax would make my jaw ache after about 15 minutes..


Brenda said...

Oh yeah! These were awesome! :)

joe said...

I always crammed too much in my mouth, and ended up chewing on this huge wax blob

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ahhhh, what an underprivileged kid I was! We only had the wax lips!

Loved 'em!

joe said...

I couldn't ever get the wax lips to stay on too long because I'd always accidentally bite off the bar you clench your teeth on to keep them in place

Anonymous said...

I used to love them do they even make them anymore? Would love to let my sons try it..

Buskieboy said...

Do you remember the wax flute but before you could play it, you bit off one end of each "flute chamber" had some kind of flavored liquid?
then you unplugged the other end and then you could play the empty flute!

How about "Space Food"? There were 2 types. One was these brown tubes that were in foil. They came in various flavors, banana, chocolate, etc.
But the OTHER which was really cool was foil/metal toothpaste tubes that had a paste with whatever flavor it was. The small tube (like a oil paint tube) was silver. The banana ALWAYS sold out right away!

joe said...

I used to love banana popsicles. Don't recall having space food though

Buskieboy said...

Banana Popsicle's were great, if you could find them! That was another treat that would get sold out!
I'm surprised you don't remember Space Food Sticks. Of course Apollo was THE coolest thing and ANYTHING space related was hot!
(Not sure if we can post links here, but I posted one to a pic of Space Food Sticks)

joe said...

Nope, never saw them before. I'm guessing they don't make it any more


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