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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Let's Eat Out:

Apparantly, in 1965, McDonald's published the above book: "Let's Eat Out". I had no idea of its existance until yesterday, when I was doing an image search for old McDonald's ads. I've searched for McDonald's ads for years and never found the above untiI last night, and all of a sudden there were hundreds of pics. I love the artwork. I remember when eating at McDonald's was a novelty, and it was really cheap as well. You could by a hamburger fries and a coke for under a buck.


Keith said...

I actually remember that book. When I was a little boy, the church my family went to had a small daycare area during the service. This was a book I liked to look at in their little library.

joe said...

I don't remember it, but I love the artwork