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Thursday, June 14, 2012

1978 Cheryl Tiegs poster:

These came out a couple of years after the famous Farrah Fawcett poster, but wasn't quite as popular or iconic as Farrah's. Still they sold hundreds of thousands. Alot of boys had Cheryl tacked on to their walls (or on their celings over their beds...). I remember back in the day looking at the poster and thinking what a long body she had, like an otter's. Cheryl's aged pretty well, I saw a pic of her on the internet recently and she still looks good.


apemanbela44 said...

I remember this one well. I preferred Cheryl over Farrah, but Lynda Carter and Catherine Bach pushed all of my buttons, so to speak.

One of my buds had a Loni Anderson poster in his room. He used to joke about having to smooth it down each night, running his hands over it so the tape wouldn't peel off the wall.

I had several of Heather Thomas and one of Teri Copely. My mom was not amused.

joe said...

I liked the Farrah poster better. My all-time fave is the Bo Derek one in the wet, white shirt, but then again that was the '80s..

kumari san said...

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joe said...

Thanks :)