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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stuff I didn't have:

As far as I can recall, Inchworm came out around '76. I didn't have an Inchworm, but my cousins did. I tried it once, but it was never really my thing; I was into my 1974 Huffy Pro Thunder bicycle. Apparantly, it wasn't really their thing either because it ended up in their barn in a pile with all the other stuff they had that they didn't use. Still, I think it was a pretty popular toy back in the day. Alot of kids had them. When I was doing the image search for the above pics, I noticed that Inchworm was re-issued. I wonder if it ever caught on with today's kids the way it did back in the day.


Jack said...

I was in my early twenties for the first incarnation. I was aware that it existed, but don't remember ever actually seeing a kid riding one. Now I have grandkids the right age for the reissue, and they've never heard of this thing.

joe said...

It took alot of exertion to get the thing to move ahead even a couple of inches. It really sucked.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Never had it, not sure I ever used one, either. Did have a Big Wheel. ;)

joe said...

If you did, you could've rounded up 600 bad guys in your yard on your Inchworm like the kid in the ad. Just think of all you missed out on


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