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Saturday, February 07, 2009

A very Brady blueprint:

This is for Gilligan, who loves sitcom floorplans.
Click pic for larger image.


gilligan said...

Just so you know: there's a tear in welling up in the corner of my right eye. Thanks, man.

My wife and I both have always loved the Brady home: the step-down den for Mr. Brady (children stay out!), a nice kitchen with a room for Alice, a cozy TV room with sliding glass door opening to the private backyard.

My only problem would be the boys room is a bit small for 3 - although, Greg would have plenty of space up in the attic. I don't like that all six had to share a bathroom.

The garage was big enough for the car and could accomodate both a pool table in one episode and a drum set in another... I'll stop there and just say - I don't blame the Brady kids for making their house seem haunted to scare away potential buyers.

And yes, I take classic TV way too seriously. It's a curse.

joe said...

I'd love to live in that house.
If they installed toilets.

Retro Hound said...

Pretty cool. I must have a good sense of space because this is about how I pictured it in my head. Plus it's cool because Mr. Brady was an architect, isn't that right?

joe said...

Yes. Now, whether or not he was a good architect is another issue...

Kenneth Walsh said...
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Kenneth Walsh said...

The place would have been great if it that bitch Mrs. Dittmeyer didn't live next door.


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