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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Um, okayyy.....

I remember when "puppy uppers" was a 1975/76 SNL skit..


gilligan said...

Just discovered your blog. Zoom, Land of the Lost, Caucasian Fros,.. Fantastic! I'll be adding a link on my sidebar for sure.

I also have a blog based largely on the 70s culture - check it out when you get a chance.

What's really strange is that I spent most of the seventies in Hyannis - my dad taught at Cape Cod Community College. The 70s must have really stuck with folks from Hyannis!

joe said...

Hey that's neat. Welcome aboard.
Do you get back there at all?
I try to make it to the Cape a few times every summer.
Of course the 70's stuck with us. That was the best decade on the cape.

Sheldon said...

Yes, there were Puppy Uppers. But don't forget Doggie Downers. Those were in the same SNL commercial! : )

joe said...

Oh yeah how could i forgot doggie downers ;^)