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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back in 1974 (or was it '73???)..

.. I used to watch Villa Alegre on PBS. I was fascinated by the model village they showed at the opening and closing of the show. And how the word "Villa Alegre" would light up over the village like fireworks. I wanted to live there. I didn't learn any Spanish, but still I liked the show.


Sunnydaze said...

Never heard of it.

Caroline Bender said...

That kid looks suspiciously like Dora.
Joe, you need to guest-blog Villa Allegre for my Repressed 1970s memory series. I get so jealous when you scoop me on these things.

joe said...

Sunny: I don't think many people have.

Caroline: Next time I'm at the library I might check you-tube for this show, because I don't really remember any of the episodes

E. Christian Moore said...

I loved the theme song for that show! It occasionally pops into my mind...especially the end credits:

"Goodbye, Amigos/
our show is over/We'll see you
the next time/on Villa Alegre..."

joe said...

I watched that show religiously and to this day the only Spanish I know is to be able to count to 10