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Monday, January 10, 2011


In 1976, Mad magazine published their spoof on Jaws: Jaw'd. Why it took them a whole year, I don't know. I must point out that, although the story was incredibly stupid, the artwork was awesome.


Mitchell said...

The artwork was indeed awesome. It was created by the talented Mort Drucker. I remember how exciting it was to see JAWS at the drive in movie, and also how much fun it was to read the MAD parody of the movie. To this day I remain a die hard fan of both MAD and JAWS... thanks for the cool post!

joe said...

Mort was an exceptional caricaturist. I'm rather envious.

Sunnydaze said...

Oh how I loved my MAD magazines.

joe said...

Back then it was sort of a counter-culture mag. I'm not sure what it looks like today, but I'm sure it's different.


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