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Monday, January 31, 2011


I received this game in the Christmas of either '71 or '72. I'd forgotten all about it until today. It was never really a favorite of mine, but my folks liked playing with it. Sometimes I think that's the only reason they got it for me. That's okay, parents gotta play too every once in awhile.


Wings said...

My mother picked one of these up at a yard sale a few years ago. Wonder if it is your old one? hahaha She liked playing it, so you might be right about the parents liking this one.

joe said...

Mom threw mine away years ago. She always said "if you're not using it, throw it out".
There weren't many games of mine she liked playing, but rebound was one.

Sunnydaze said...

I love looking at old games and toys. I wish I'da kept alot of my stuff, too, but my mom was a "pitcher", like yours, apparently.

joe said...

I'd like to throw out some of mom's stuff and see how she likes it..