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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misc. Remembrance:

From 1973, 'til 1976, mom always stuck a box of Sun Maid Raisins in my lunchbox. She and dad never ate raisins, but every single school day I had to eat raisins. I grew to despise them, and I promised myself that when I started making my own lunches, I'd never pack another box of raisins. When I started making my own lunch, the raisins were the first thing to go, and there was never another box of raisins in the house ever again.


Sunnydaze said...

LOL. I had raisins in my lunch today.

joe said...

Remember the ad campaign in the mid 70's "Raisins. Nature's candy".
That's stuck with me all these years.

Sunnydaze said...

Me too!!! I always say that to my daughter everytine we pack them. LOL :D

Blast from the Past said...

We seldom got raisins in those little boxes because the packaging made them too expensive for mom's food budget. When we did get them, we loved to close the boxes after they were emptied and them blow on them - the whole end of the box in your mouth - and make them whistle.

I still love raisins, but always buy the big bags - more economical and very good!

...Mmmm! ...and dried dates and prunes, too. All SO good!

joe said...

I remember trying to dig those raisins out of the box and my figers getting all sticky with raisin.