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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Do you remember Mark Royer from the first season of One Day At A Time??? And how he was always trying to put the make on Barbara Cooper?? Well, with that sweater it's no surprise he wasn't successful..


SkylersDad said...

Mmmm, I had such a crush on Valerie!

Jimmy Fungus said...

I don't remember him, but I loved the theme song to this show. Really catchy.

joe said...

Dad: Yeah she was a cutie. Mark thought so too. Even I could have told him that sweater was a deal-breaker.

Jimmy: Do you remember Ann's friend Ginny from the first season? And Schneider asked her to marry him while they were playing the piano together and she thought he was joking so she said "No" then laughed, and unintentionally humiliated the guy in a roomful of people????

TIM said...

The character Mark Royer came
on ODAAT in 1980 and eventually
married Barbara. Mark Royer
was played by Boyd Gaines, one
of the most well known Broadway
and off-broadway actors. He has
won 4 tonys.

joe said...

I had no idea he did anything else. I learn something new ever day.