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Monday, October 10, 2011

I was just thinking about..

... Buck Owens (pictured above with Roy Clark). I only remember him from Hee Haw. My folks watched that show but I don't really remember it too well. I liked Buck more than Roy for some reason, although I can't really say why - they were both great. I remember watching Hee Haw on Saturday nights (or was it Friday nights) while mom and dad got ready to go out for the night and get together and play cards with some friends of theirs. I saw some old clips of Hee Haw a couple of years ago and it was still funny. I wish I'd been older at the time to remember it more than I do now. I don't think you could re-create the show again, though. Maybe they'll come up with another show like it one of these days, but I doubt it. There'll never be another Hee Haw. I think Buck passed away a few years ago, I'm not sure about Roy. All the good ones that had their heyday back then are leaving us. It's sad to see them go.