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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Mash was always a favorite of mine. But back in the day, my folks hated it so I couldn't watch it (the days when every house had only one television set). When I was around 13, I finally got a TV in my room, so I watched it then. I'd love to watch the re-runs, but I don't have a television (haven't had one for years), and whenever I'm at a place that has one I can't watch it either because no matter who I'm with, they can't stand the show. Maybe someday I'll see it again. BTW, red never was very complimentary on Klinger. Lavender really would've accentuated his complexion much better.


John said...

Love MASH too, and probably started watching it around the time I was 13 as well. But the early Larry Gelbart stuff was the best. I think the show got less funny each year it was on.

SkylersDad said...

It was one of my favorites also. I cried when Henry's plane was shot down.

joe said...

John: I thought the last episode was pretty disappointing.

Dad: Yes, but then again Colonel Potter was a pretty decent replacement.

FilmFather said...

I'm probably overstating the obvious here, but MASH was a great, hilarious show for the first 4 seasons till Henry died, then it was still pretty great with BJ and Potter, then when Frank left it was simply not the same. Too preachy and nowhere near as funny.

For my money, the funniest episodes are:
* Hawkeye's long johns
* Adam's Ribs
* The flu bug (everybody's sick but Hawkeye)
* Supply line is cut

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joe said...

Frank was probably my least favorite character.

grannyann said...

I loved every single minute of MASH. I even taped on VHS every single episode. I had found a list (every episode had a name) and checked them off as I taped them. My son loved it also but my daughter hated it, so I taught my dog to bark when I said "is MASH your favorite tv show?" Daughter would just go stomping off to another room. I want to wish you a great Holiday season, stay warm and don't eat too much!