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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Stuff I didn't have:

I got tons of stuff when I was a kid, and there wasn't much I didn't have, but the above was one of them. Well 4 of them. Whatever. I kind of wanted to get a set, but I wasn't really into Kiss except for "Beth", and quite frankly Gene Simmons scared the hell out of me, and I found their stage personas to be a little on the disturbing side. Plus, I was 10 and a little old for, well, dolls... These sell for quite a bit of money on ebay. A few years ago I considered purchasing a set, but personally I can think of a few better ways to spend a thousand bucks.


Sunnydaze said...

I don't really remember that much about Kiss in those days except hearing Beth on the radio all the time. I don't think their music was all that great; I think their popularity had more with their image.

Jaggerfan1 said...

I'm not much of a KISS fan, but Paul Stanley-- there is no word to describe him except sexy. I think he is soooooooooo sexy!!!!

joe said...

... and the fact that they were all decked out in S&M leather really was kind of disturbing as well. Not that there's anything wrong with that ..

Anonymous said...

I had these dolls. Unfortunately, I destroyed them. What child knows better to save stuff like this. I also had a Joey Stivick (all in teh family) doll. I cut his hair off, wrote on his face with magic marker. Again, who knew!

joe said...

None of us knew how valuable our stuff would be when we got older. If I hadn't played with half the things I got, I'd have a decent pile of cash.


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