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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mel's Char Palace:

Mel.....Dan Aykroyd

Mrs. Mel.....Gilda Radner
Mel: Hi! I'm Mel, for Mel's Char Palace! Where you find your own cow! You cut your own steaks! You select your cow from over 200 head! You stun it! You cut it! You charbroil it! You.. cut.. your own steaks! We give you the saw! You cut your own sirloins, tips, blades, and roasts! You find it! You stun it! You cut it! As big and as thick as you want it! Only at Mel's Char Palace! Our saws are light! Here's Mrs. Mel! [ Mrs. Mel walks up gripping a chainsaw ] Show 'em how to work the saw! [ Mrs. Mel lets the chainsaw rip ] Yeah, she does it, you can, too, at Mel's Char Palace, 217 Paramus!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thanks for the hilarious memory. I'd forgotten this one.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Too bad you couldn't find the video. I love when Mrs Mel shows up with her chainsaw. The homicidal look on Mrs Mel's face is priceless. You can't beat Gilda.

joe said...

Sandy: This was '75. Even the transcripts from those days make me laugh.

Cal: If I wasn't on dial-up I would. I might bring my computer to the library and use their wireless to check out some old clips.

Janet said...

Video is here, for anyone who wants to see it:

And now I'm hungry for steak.

joe said...

You know what's great on steak??? Ranch dressing. It's awesome.