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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jackie Wright:

Jackie was a cast member of The Benny Hill Show. Many thanks to Tom for letting me know his name, because until he told me I had no clue. Jackie cracked me up, he was such a good sport on the show.


Tom said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! These are two of the funniest skits! If I recall correctly, the one on top is the one where he is shipped off to a hospital. I think it was called the "Hospital Sordid". Then the other one is where he sings "The Gentle Breeze" on a variety musical show. So funny.

Tom said...

And the wind machine is so strong it blows off his wig!!

After Jackie's bit, Benny does an impression of Roy Orbison...the announcer introduces: "Here's a song from Roy Orbison's musical bum". Then the director says, "No No--you're reading it wrong it's MUSIC ALBUM" Classic!

joe said...

"musical bum"... hahahaha
I gotta get a dvd one of these days.

LaraAnn said...

My brother likes this show. I did watch it with him a few times when we were kids.

Tietie007 said...

Jackie was very famous in france !

joe said...

Lara: Well, if you're still around... it probably was more of a guy's show..

TieTie: Well I'm not surprised. He was very funny.