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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Television in 1973:

Of the above 3 shows, the only one I can still watch and enjoy is Maude. The content, delivery, and humor of the other 2 shows seems very out-dated and irrelevant to me, since we've evolved as a society. I guess the same could be said of Maude, but Bea Arthur to this day still makes me laugh. I really miss that lady.



Why was she left out of the Academy Award memorial?

C said...

i enjoyed archie bunker, but i was a very differant shut down person back then. now i want to kill him. oh wait. he's already dead. awww, my bad.



joe said...

ABAO: I'm not sure. There was no reason for it. Those bastards.

C: Haha. Archie was called "the man you love to hate". Personally, that's a title I was never envious of..


I know! They came out and said they knowingly left Farrah Fawcett out of it (and later apologized).... But no word on Bea....

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I miss her too.

joe said...

ABAO and NOE: Bea must've really done something to tick them off..

Ally said...

Maude was awesome! I was born in 1972 :)

joe said...

A good year indeed ;^)

Kim said...

I disagree with your post here. I can watch ONLY All in the Family and still enjoy it, even though Archie was a bigot, it made him seem STUPID for being one. The other two shows, well, frankly, stunk. All in the Family was classic tv at it's best. Try the eps where Mike and GLoria leave, or Edith passes.

joe said...

We're all free to disagree here. The reason I liked Maude the best was that they just didn't deal with the current social issues of the day, but also everyday moral issues as well, that's why I can still watch it. To me, watching AITF is like reading a 40 year-old newspaper.

TIM said...

I've seen Maude on Utube many times
and it is funny as Hell and still
relevant in it's message which is
very subtle. All in the family is
still great as ever, I find myself
laughing still at Archie Bunker's
remarks and sighing admirably at
Edith's honesty. It holds up. I'm
dissapointed at comedy writers
today for not being able to write
like that without dummying
everything down or insulting the
audience. Norman Lear, we need you
more now, than ever!

joe said...

Hey Norm, we want you back!!! It's unanimous!!