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Monday, May 10, 2010

Misc. 70's remembrance:

It was 1978, and me mom and my cousin Dee Dee (who's 2 years older than me) were sitting at the kitchen table in front of the sliding glass door, talking. Mom smokes Marlboro lights, and she was smoking a cigarette. Before she was done with it, she put it in the ashtray holder and said: "I've got to go out to the car for something", and left it in the ashtray burning. When she was out at the car, Dee Dee snuck a drag, but apparantly mom had looked around and saw Dee Dee smoking the cigarette through the glass door. When mom got back inside this was the conversation:
Mom to Dee Dee: So, how was the cigarette???
Dee Dee (shocked): I didn't smoke it.
Mom: Dee Dee, I saw you.
Dee Dee: I didn't! I swear!
Mom: Dee Dee, don't lie to me. I saw you do it.
Dee Dee (in a heartbreaking, wrenching voice): You think I'm lying!!!
Mom (laughing): Dee Dee, I saw you!
Dee Dee (same breaking, heart-wrenching voice): You don't believe me!!!!!
Mom: Dee Dee, I saw you do it!!!!
(Dee Dee starts to cry)
Mom: Ugh, whatever....


Mnmom said...

I always hated Dee Dee

Marissa said...

Dee Dee did did.

Ally said...

How can adults or parental figures get upset when their kids or young relatives smoke if they're smoking. I know this is the 70s so I guess that doesn't ring true back then.

Blast from the Past said...

What I wonder is how anyone can afford to smoke? I worked in a grocery store from '75 to '85 and I remember when cigarettes actually went over a dollar a pack... Surely everyone would have to quit because of the cost, I thought.

Isn't it like 6 or 7 bucks a pack now? I'm not coming down on people who smoke - I just wonder how anyone can ever afford it?


My wife's side of the family smokes....

On our way to pick up mommy from the Dr. (when we were having our 2nd child), my 4 year old son saw a doctor smoking outside the hospital.... He said 'Look Daddy! He's smoking!'

I said 'Blech, that's disgusting'....

'Smoking isn't disgusting!' he yelled. 'Grandmommy smokes and the aunts smoke too!'

So I told him that smoking makes you sick, and he burst into tears and told me that he didn't want grandmommy or the aunts to get sick....

Now they all hide their smoking from him....

Chris said...

I can remember when getting ready for my parent's cocktail/dinner parties one of my jobs was to make sure all the lighters were filled with fluid and that the crystal cigarette holders had cigarettes in them. Several times during the party, I had to come through with the "silent butler" and empty the ashtrays.

joe said...

Mom: Aww, if you knew her you'd like her. She was like a sister to me. We grew up together.

Marissa: Well, I think she'd still deny it... she's just that way.

Ally: Mom was more upset because she knew she was lying but wouldn't admit it.

Darryll: I think it's, like, 8 bucks. When I started smoking it was 1.10 and when I quit it was like, $2.50

ABAO: Yeah smoking's not something people are proud of these days.

Chris: When my uncle was about 5, in the early 1950's, he got drunk at a wake by eating everyone's maraschino cherries from their cocktails. I'd have loved to see that.