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Monday, May 24, 2010


Golden Age Cartoons
When I was 5, I thought it would be the life to hang with Yogi all day in the Park and do nothing but steal an occasional picnic basket...


Tennis Girl said...

Yes, great cartoons. I wish more of them were on today. The Jetsons, Mighty Mouse, Underdog, Bullwinkle, they were great!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I loved the old cartoons too!

teri said...

I think you would have a blast stealing picnic baskets all day!

Blast from the Past said...

Exit! Stage right! Stage left, even!
Loved Snagglepuss and all the other great cartoons!

My favorite Yogi Bear cartoon (I think it was actually in a comic book) is when he and Boo Boo find out from the Ranger that Jellystone Park is going to be closed for lack of funding. The start moping and end up wandering all around the Park looking at the great natural things that they won't be able to enjoy any more.

And then the idea hits them, and they end up making an amusement park of sorts where the visitors to the park can experience it all through rides for a small admission fee. And, of course, this ends up saving the Park from closing. It all looked like it would be so much fun!

LaraAnn said...

I love that picture. The Hanna Barbera cartoons are the best. I love many of them especially Scooby. I still have my Viewmaster and the slides of Huckleberry Hound. I got some beanie type stuffed animals of some of the characters at the Warner Brothers store in the mall like 10 years ago. I wish that store was still there.

joe said...

And usually the baskets all contained pie.


I believe it was pronounced pic-a-nic.... lol

joe said...

Haha you're right. Good stuff ;^)

Ally said...

I just wanted whatever was inside that picnic basket. I was always a foodie :)

TIM said...

Yogi was the man for me in my
childhood. Even when everyone
abondoned him for flashier
cartoons, I stayed with him.
When I was five, I had a huge
Yogi the bear stuffed toy I
used to sleep with.