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Friday, September 09, 2011

Gum wrapper chains:

A friend tried to teach me how to make these, but for some reason I never able to master it. I knew how to make the soda can tab chains, but there was no way I could've drank that much soda to make a decent length of chain..


ChiTown Girl said...

My mother used to (hell, still does!) chew an obscene amount of gum (Wrigley's Double Mint!) so my best friend and I used to make chains a mile long! It was our favorite rainy day activity. Thanks for pulling that memory out of my mental Rolodex. ;-)

Caroline Bender said...

Mine was Big Red - cinnamony fresh.

C said...

i'm old... back in the day i chewed teaberry gum, blackjack, fruit stripes zebra gum.... hahahaha
and i always wanted to make a chain like this but never knew how either... i still want to learn..

Mnmom said...

We made pounds of them too. Useless craft really but hours of wasted time success!!

Robin Eduardo said...

I can sort of admire the workmanship that went into making the chains, but I can't figure out what you're supposed to do with them once they are finished?

joe said...

All: You wouldn't believe some of the lengths of chain I saw in the image results. Some of them must've been 500 feet long. I can't afford to spend that much for 500 feet of gum wrappers, it'd be, like, $5000


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