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Thursday, September 08, 2011


I never really cared for cigars. Or bigots.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Ditto on both counts.

Oh, and guess what I grew up with?


joe said...

Well to be fair I guess we all had an "Archie" in our families.

Trigger said...

It's a classic show and was ahead of it's time. It's on Nick at Nite all the time. They have all the classics

preoccupied with 19 19 1975 said...

Yep, had a grampa who was cut from the same cloth, except he smoked a pipe instead of a cigar. Like Archie, he churned out cringe-worthy comments on race relations on a depressingly regular basis ...

But also, like Carroll O'Conner's most famous character, grampa was a grizzled WWII vet (Pacific theatre) who worked his butt off day in day out for his family.

As simpatico as I was with the politics of Rob Reiner's ("Meathead to Archie, "Mike" to everyone else) character, he did manage to artfully sponge off of his in-laws for an awfully long time!