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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random find:

When I was a kid I loved Fruit Stripe Gum. I found the above when I was doing an image search for the previous post about gum wrapper chains. I'm not sure what year the above was, but I'm guessing mid-'60s. I've always known Fruit Stripe Gum to have a zebra as its' logo, so I must say it came as quite a shock. To find out I was wrong . ..


Caffeinated Joe said...

There is a great candy store in Kittery, Maine, right before you head into York, called Yummies.

One time, I picked up a pack of Fruit Stripe gum, since I used to love it, too.

Yeah, doesn't taste so good now. Or rather, it tastes great for like a minute or two. Then the flavor is gone and you are left with a very bland stick of gum. Bleh.

Somethings, I guess, are better left to memory.

joe said...

I think it was always that way (bland after a minute)