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Friday, September 30, 2011

I and my brother are different:

I was born in the '60s / He was born in the '80s
I like McDonald's / He likes Burger King
I grew up with The Brady Bunch / He grew up with The Simpsons
I started 12th grade the year he started Kindergarten

I paid off my mortgage in 2010 / He assumed his mortgage in 2010
I smoked cigarettes as a teen / He chewed tobacco
I'm an adopted child / He's a biological child
My folks divorced / His stayed married
I grew my hair long as a teen / He always wore a buzz-cut
I had Atari / He had Nintendo
My first car was a '73 Beetle / His was a new car
I've traveled all over the country / He's never been further west than Connecticut
I'm a native Cape Codder / He is not
As a kid I often slept over friends' houses / He did not
As a kid we lived in 5 different places before mom bought the house she currently lives in / He lived in the same house until he bought his own place
I've had my own business / He's always worked for someone else
My first piece of real estate was land / His was a house
I'm an introvert / He's not
I've never really been a guy's guy / He is
I'll never marry and have kids / Someday he will
I hate golf / He loves golf
I suck at pool / He's good at pool
I had a moped / He had a motorcycle
I have a blog / He doesn't


ChiTown Girl said...

What an awesome post!!!

I loved learning some new things about you, too. :)

Sunnydaze said...

I agree - nice post. He ain't heavy, he's my borther.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Interesting! Can't get more different!

joe said...

I don't think there are really any similarities. We're both unique

Marco said...

Agreed with ChiTown Girl.
Phenomenal post. Really shows the differences in time (generational), culture and personalities.

Chelly said...

Fantastic post!

joe said...

Thanks all ;^)