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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Misc. remembrance:

I remember going to the drive-in movies and getting the above at the entrance booth when we paid the admission. I don't recall these working too well, btw, but then again what do you want for 29 cents...


sunnydaze said...

I remember these. Found a few in an old camper that we bought along with a bunch of old magazines. Neat. I love to look at the old packaging.

Jim @ said...

I don't remember these, but I remember the drive-ins, they were fun! Not many of those around these days (which is too bad).

joe said...

C: Yeah they did stink didn't they. Although I have to admit I kind of liked the smell.

Sunny: I like looking at old TV Guides. They're like time machines.

Jim: I'm pretty sure most drive-ins are history. I know of only one that's still in existance, I doubt there's many more.

grannyann said...

I remember those!!!


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