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Friday, June 11, 2010


I never had a tree fort when I was a kid. Basically it was because:
1. We didn't have any decent trees on the property.
2. I'm incredibly afraid of heights. Like, embarrassingly so.
3. I could never coordinate anything with the kids on my block.
You can't do everything, I guess..


Kristie said...

I remember a kid that lived down the street from me in the late 70s had a very cool treehouse. I was so jealous. That girl was mean, too. She would make some of us kids follow her and do everything she did and say everything she said and then maybe we could come up in her treehouse. Not even kidding. Stupid mean girl.

C said...

awww it's never too late... you could build one on the ground for nieces and nephews erm if you have any... lol


Blue Beak said...

I had a nest once. It was up a tree.

kimber p said...

first of all LOVE the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, they're my all-time favorite :)

I ahare your fear of heights too, never had a tree house, but we did make a couple of pretty cool club houses withold utility buildings..course, they were stifling hot because they had no windows, but we thought we were super

grannyann said...

I would still love a tree house. I never had one either. Lack of the right tree has always been my problem.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I never had a treehouse either. Not sure why.

teri said...

I SO miss summer vacations.


I was always happy with my 'ground' house.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I was lucky to have had a treehouse. My dad and my brothers and I built it in an old Apple tree on our property. It was actually 2 levels with a trap door and windows....spent some fun Summer nights sleeping out there. My buddies and I had many a great day playing in that old structure...sadly...long gone.