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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It wasn't a bad year. It was just the calendar that sucked...


Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

It looks like the second coming of Ronald

joe said...

That clown always disturbed me.

Respect your DIVAS! said...

The year I was born.

joe said...

Like I said, it's just the calendar that sucked. Otherwise, a great year indeed. ;^)

grannyann said...

what do the mop people and the pirate have to do with Mickey Ds? anyone know?

joe said...

The mop people were known as "The Fry Guys". They were always stealing french fries. I think the pirate had something to do with the filet-o-fish sandwich.

Anonymous said...


1.) Saigon falls chaotically while U.S. helicopters out.

2.) Cambodia falls too, beginning years of genocide under the Khmer Rouge.

3.) U.S. economy is in deep recession coupled with inflation.

4.)U.S. president almost shot by manson follower named "Squeaky"

5.) Ford to NYC: Drop Dead

6.) Plaid is very much in style... very much.

In other words: It was a bad year, really it was.

Now 1976... thats a lot better.