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Monday, July 13, 2009

Photomat booths:

Back in the early 70's, you either developed your film yourself, or you took it to a Photomat booth. They went out of business decades ago. The above pic is the only one I could find, and I've been looking online since I started this site. The roofs were red and the buildings were usually painted yellow. On the roof was the word Photomat in large white letters. It also took about a week for your film to get developed. I believe they were open 24 hours. It's amazing that, even though these things were everywhere at one time, it's almost impossible to find a picture of one. I wonder if anyone under age 30, who drives around in the above neighborhood, even know that's an old Photomat.


Sans Pantaloons said...

Joe, if you search for Fotomat, your selection will get bigger!

Hairball said...

You know, I don't think we had one in my hometown, but I knew about them from Tv and movies.

champagnejayne said...

I remember that they used to have one in front of Jamesway ( this was upstate New York) and there were a million of them in Syracuse , usually in front of K Mart, or the strip malls.
Funny that my parents never used them, because they always got theirs done at Fay's ( Central NY drugstore) I remember the Fotomat in Oswego was turned into an ice cream stand about 1982.
Here, the Californians came up with some creative uses of them: I've seen a Fotomat converted into a watch shop in Hollywood and a check cashing place (!) in Van Nuys. There is one here in West Hollywood that is a locksmith!

joe said...

Sans: Thanks! It worked. You're GREAT!

Hairball: For awhile I thought the cashiers lived in them. I thought they were houses.

Jayne: I haven't come across any of these things in a long time. I was sure they'd all been demolished by now.

grannyann said...

I couldn't have told you what color they were. Glad you found a pic.

Anonymous said...

There is actually still one in Wichita Ks on the corner of Harry & Hillside.They have redone the outside, and have used it for various things over the years, it's now I think a check cashing buisiness. I still remember growing up in the 70's it was the fotomat. Im always suprised when I go over there they havent torn it down.