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1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):

1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):
I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanent sand. So the days flow through my eyes but still the days seem the same. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random fact:

I was a latch key kid. I'd come home alone and mom would leave the house key under the front doormat. I'd let myself in, then I'd call mom at work and tell her I was home and then watch tv and wait for my parents to come home from work. I was also 7 years old. I think today my folks would be thrown in jail if they did that, but the thing is I liked it. I really did. It was never a hardship for me. That's just the way it was.
I don't know of many 7-year-old's who could be trusted like that.


Gilligan said...

I remember all those kids at school who had a string around their neck with a key attached. It was so commonplace. Amazing to think about it now - how that would be perceived as child neglect.... what a different world.

joe said...

Yes, and back then you could smack your kid if they deserved it...
I, however, never deserved it.

grannyann said...

As a single mom my kids had to stay home after school. Once I lived across the street from my grandmother and she sort of kept an eye on them (at least until they went out the back door) but they were really good kids.

Marissa said...

Joe, who could smack a kid in that adorable green pantsuit?

keie3 said...

I was 9 and babysitting my 6 year old sister and 3 year old brother! Half the day back then (well when we got a little bit older) nobody knew where the hell we were.

My little boy is such a tattle tale...he will tell on his brother over anything. "He put his shoes on the bed".

I'm like, "my little brother once broke our bay window in front of our house!" And I took the blame...

Things were different back then. I don't even like leting my kids in the back yard by themselves because I'm afraid of what might happen. I hate that my kids will miss the freedom we had.

Keith said...

Many of us kids back then did that. It wasn't unusual at all. Now social services, etc. would throw a hissy fit about it.

joe said...

Ann: I bet you were a great mom. (c:

Marissa: Well, I wasn't wearing the pantsuit at the time..

Keie: It was a great era. If anyone wasn't around back then, they really missed out.

Keith: I remember the kids across the street were latchers also, but they were 3 siblings and they looked out after each other. I was an only child, so it was just me and the TV.

blueroc85 said...

I was 7 or 8 when I started comming home alone after school.Our neighbor across the street was always at home and I was welcome over there if I ever needed anything. When we moved out to the country when I was 9 there really wasn't too much trouble to get into out in the middle of nowhere! I also babysat younger siblings after school and in the summer from when I was 13 or 14 up until I got a job. Good Times!

Redsoxfan said...

After my parents divorced I was also but since I had 2 brothers with me I guess they didn't think much of leaving us there and I liked it too until I got hungry and there was nothing to eat and my dad was up the bar.


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