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Friday, April 24, 2009


In the 70's, Ronco sold all KINDS of crap.. like does anybody still use this stuff?????


grannyann said...

Boy do I remember Ronco. You are right - they sold a ton of things. I don't know if they still make anything or not. you'd think they would advertise if they did.

Marissa said...

My sister and her friends had this. I think hers broke pretty quickly.

joe said...

Ann: I remember the record commercials the most, but I remember this thing too. Ronco's founder is the guy who does the "set it and forget it" infomercials. He's still at it (you know, selling crap).

Marissa: Hopefully it didn't break until they finished at least one project. It looks pretty cheaply made.

teri said...

this has actually made it's way back into the 21st century as the Bedazzler. Yikes!

Charmed said...

I had one of these. It sucked ass.


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