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Thursday, April 02, 2009

For Marissa, who wanted a new post:

So, does anyone out there still have their Quisp ring?? The one you probably paid $2.50 plus 12 box tops for??? The one you just HAD to have, back in the day?? Do you STILL wear it? On dates or job interviews???????


grannyann said...

Oh wow I wish I had one of those. I'd wear it everyday. Is that a "turn your finger green" ring?

Cheer34 said... brother stole it....yesterday

Marissa said...

Whew! You're alive. Almost had to call the Sheriffs to check on you.

That ring would probably only fit on a pinky finger by now. Sexxxy.

joe said...

So ladies, Is that like major bling or what??

Marissa said...

Yep. That would seal the deal for me.

joe said...

Um, that's very disturbing, Marissa...

Marissa said...

Hellooo, I meant as in wearing it to "a job interview." What were You thinking??

joe said...

hahahaaa. Um, yeah, right, that's what I was thinking.

Keith said...

I wonder what a prospective employer would say if they saw a person come in for an interview with that on.

joe said...

I'm pretty sure the applicant wouldn't get the job... other than that I can't say.

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