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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I was a kid (circa the time my profile pic was taken) soda machines looked like the above pic. Mom worked at the tax assesor's office in our town hall, and in the building was a machine just like the one above. You'd deposit the 45 cents, then open the door and pick your soda. I always had the urge to pull more than one out, but the machine just happened to be in front of the police office, and I didn't want to get arrested for stealing sodas (well that and having to explain to mom how I got 3 or 4 sodas for 45 cents).... I remember there was Tab, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, 7-Up, Root Beer, and Orange. Also, all the bottles were glass, with bottle caps that needed to be pried off with a bottle opener that came on the machine. There was no such thing as a plastic soda bottle.
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